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Winter Light

12x16 oil on canvas SOLD


Recent Developments
In October I was approached by a filmmaker to do an Expert Village demo/lesson. (See my links area and the post “Plein Air Painter”) as a result of this video a high school art teacher in New Jersey is playing the demonstration to her class and using part of the lesson as the basis for a class project. See attached comment by Kathleen Gilsenan.

Thank you for the purchase Kathleen and best of luck to the class!

2. My recent experience with blogging and the “Daily Painters” phenomenon has inspired a faculty blog at the Sedona Arts Center where I am the director of the school. To initiate the project a number of faculty will participate and between them post “a painting a day”. This will begin in mid January. Watch for links here on my blog as well as on the Sedona Arts Center’s website.

3. I was recently “tagged” by another blogging artist
Jason Waskey Jason's work has real variety in terms of subject matter and treatment. Thank you Jason! What this means is that I am to “tag” five other artists and make 5 statements about myself. Here it goes….

1.Though my work may not reveal it, my taste in art is extremely eclectic, perhaps as a result of teaching college art appreciation for a number of years.
2.I secretly read philosophy and interpret the entire “philosophical project” to be, in actuality, all about painting.
3.“Sunset on the Rocks II” is a small piece of the view out of my office window.
4.I once stopped painting for 6 months and only drew – stacked river rocks.
5.This blog is the extent of my retirement plan.

Here are the 5 artists I am tagging: (an eclectic list)

S. P. Goodman - I was reading some Clement Greenberg Art Criticism at the time I saw Mr. Goodman’s work and I thought Clem would really like it…as do I…esp. the landscapes.
William Wray - “Painter of Blight” – love the attitude and the work.
Michael Chesley Johnson - He paints in Canada - in the snow!
Libby Caldwell - A reluctant blogger, but an excellent painter and teacher.
Joshua Been - Joshua did some awesome work at our plein air festival here at the Sedona Arts Center in Oct. and see he did start a blog. The link is to his website.

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Pomegranate III

5x7 oil on canvas (on display at Sedona Arts Center)

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