Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Demo Stage 1

These three images represent the stages of a process explored in a recent workshop with the wonderful painter and teacher, Morton Kaish, at the Sedona Arts Center. Though we were working from costumed models in the workshop, it was suggested that the process would be very applicable to a landscape scenario. In this first stage, over a ground of Ultramarine Blue at a value of about 3-4, a charcoal line drawing is made exploring the topographical qualities of the image and the major shapes of value. Then a brush with black acrylic paint is used to create a very solid drawing for the next stage.

Demo Stage 2

This stage was done with acrylics and a palette knife, using a limited palette. This can be done with a very intuitive sense of color and space though keeping the values of the source material and starting with the warm tones, leaving the underpainting as the cools. The next stage would be to continue on with the acrylics...but I switched to oils for finishing...

Grand Canyon #10

12x16 oil on canvas (SOLD)
In future I will stay with the acrylics longer as the drying time is so advantageous, especially when working with the palette knife. I am currently working on some larger Grand Canyon paintings using a similar process.