Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Interior

14.5" x 10.75" oil on paper $125.00
Please Email me for purchase information.

This is taking a drawing experience right on into painting. I like working this way because I feel that the work stays a drawing, open and incomplete.


Kellie Hill said...

I guess I'm wanting to agree with you about how well this works as a drawing and as a painting- it's beautiful :) I especially love how subtle the colors are, it's so peaceful.

A Reason to Paint said...

Vince this is really a lovely painting; I love it that it looks like a loose sketch - really beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

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Vince Fazio said...

Thank you all for your comments on this piece. I love painting on various prepared papers and may be doing more of that in the future. I find it quite different from canvas and feel I can draw more.