Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Demo - Underpainting

"Tower" 24x30 acrylic on canvas NFS

This was a demonstration done in the gallery space at the Sedona Arts Center. Starting with a white canvas I did a few charcoal marks to start the drawing then jumped into a loose acrylic underpainting to start the painting process. I got as far as placing some palette knife work (still in acrylic) on the 'Tower' formation's right hand side. I anticipate finishing with oils after more development in acrylic. More later...
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Candy Barr said...

Vince ~ this series showing your development process is interesting. My question is how long have you been using acrylic as underpainting? Do you use it because it dries more quickly and you can then proceed faster to next layer? Does that make a big difference in speed if so? What about just using galkyd or liquid if so? Learn something everyday.

Vince Fazio said...

Hello Candy,

Thanks for looking! I use the acrylic underpainting a lot lately for larger work. Yes it is faster and allows for going back to white as well. I am interested in keeping the underpainting in acrylic also because it can allow me to then do underpainting with the palette knife in acrylic then the quick drying is even more relevant. I find it interesting how these layers show up in the in the final oil. So many options to explore!