Monday, May 25, 2009

Workshop in NYC

Acrylic and Oil on canvas 18x24

This shows three phases of one of the paintings I worked on during the very unique workshop instructed by Morton Kaish "Lessons from the Old Masters for Our Time". We were led through a step-by-step process of working back and forth between realism and abstraction to create paintings that allowed both to coexist. During the week we were also guided to look carefully at certain old master works in various museums. At the same time there two significant exhibitions of Francis Bacon and Picasso in town which we took in. The workshop and the visits to artworks all around the city was heady mix. This workshop was held at the National Academy of Design in a partnership with the Sedona Arts Center. In addition to everything else, the Academy holds its member show at this time of year which was a major boon to all. I will have quite a time distilling all that I saw and experienced. I am working on another adventure with this partnership for next year. Please Email me for purchase information.

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